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25 Mei 2018
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Bahan Waterproofing

Polyurethane Grouting Material (WPU)
1 pel 10 kg
Polyurethane Grouting Material (soluble) is a new type of grouting material used for concrete crack patching, grouting and blocking of water leakage, curtain anti-seepage, reinforcement and strengthening in civil engineering projects, hydraulic and hydroelectricity projects, transportation projects, underground projects including water pools, dam bases, tunnels, mines etc. It reacts with water immediately, expands quickly and generates a kind of colloid which is insoluble, high-strength and high resilient. So the material performs well with a big water content and infiltration radius.

. Product Characteristics
1. The slurry reacts with water and generates a insoluble solid which can be used to block strong gushing water or stop the running water in the foundation.
2. Air is released when the solid is generated. The air can further press the slurry into loose clearance, which can completely fill the porous structure or fracture formations with the slurry.
3. polyurethane produces strong adhesive force with soil and forms high-strength and resilient solid which can prevent soil deformation, cracks and collapse, thus reinforce the foundation.
4. The viscosity and curing rate can be adjusted. Investment is limited due to simple grouting equipment and techniques.
. Technical Index: National Industry Standards 
Project = WPU Index 
1 Density(g/cm3) = 1.00 
2 Viscosity(mpa.s) = 1000 
3 Gel time(/s) = 150 
4 Watery10 times water /s = 150 
5 nonvolatile matter content /% = 75 
6 foaming capacity /% = 350
. Construction Technology
1. Check carefully the leakage parts clear the dirt around the cracks for grouting.
2. Hole Arrangement: cut grouting holes at cracks, cut slant holes for deep cracks to cross the quilt top. Commonly 0.2-0.5 meter space between eac. hub : 021-22571789 / 082299981122

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